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Starts: 01 March, 2015
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Instructors: Intermediate of Arts
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A student of I.A has to go under following scheme of studies: -

  1. One of the following Core languages to be offered by all students as a compulsory subject: -
    Hindi A (for Hindi Students) / Hindi B (for Non-Hindi Students) / English.
  2. One of the following elective languages to be offered by all students of I. A. :
    Hindi, English, Bengali, Oriya, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Maithili, Santhali, Mundari, Kurukh, Nagpuri, Kharia, Khortha,Ho, Panch Pargania, Kurmali.

Notes: -
a) Out of the languages, one shall be English or Hindi. Both English and Hindi can also be offered simultaneously.
b) The language may be offered either at Core /Elective level. The same language, however cannot be offered both at the Core level and Elective level.

3. Any three of the following: -

History, Political Sc. Economics, Philosophy Psychology, Geography Sociology, Home Science, Anthropology,Music, Mathematics or Statistics.

Qualification For Admission:

A student may be admitted to the course of instructions for the I.A. if She/he has passed the Matriculation examination of a Board/Council established or incorporated by law, or any other examination recognized by the University as equivalent thereto. Provided that for admission to the course of instructions for the I.A it shall be necessary for a student to have obtained not less than 45% marks at the Matriculation examination in the subjects.

Course Title Instructors Credit Hours
Political Science
Home Science
Mathematics or Statistics