1. Name and Address of the department : PSYCHOLOGY
  2. Telephone number/s   :
  3. Date of establishment of the department :
  4. Built-up area of the department in sq.m. :
  5. List of different programmes (Level of study = Certificate/Diploma/UG/PG Diploma/ PG/M.Phil./Ph.D. etc. or equivalent) offered by the department together with the details required below:
Programme Level of Study Cut off marks (in %) at entry level Student strength
UG (Graduate) Degree-I UG Category wise criteria merit based 100


  1. Number of teaching, technical and administrative staff of the department.
  Female Male Total
Total no. of teachers 01 00 01
Teachers with Ph.D. or equivalent as the highest qualification 01 00 01
Teachers with PG or equivalent as the highest qualification 01 00 01
Teachers with other specific eligible qualification (specify) 00 00 00
Technical Staff 00 00 00
Administrative Staff 00 00 00


  1. Does the department have academic, administrative and financial autonomy? No

Academic matters



If yes, what extent?     No

  1. Number of students in the department during the current year:
  Female Male Total
Students from the state where the college is located 10 30 40
Students from other states of India 04 08 12
NRI students 00 00 00
Other overseas students 00 00 00
Grand total 14 38 52
  1. Is there a method of assessing the students academic standing in order to provide enrichment and /or remedial courses? Yes
  2. Furnish the following details (in figures):
  • Books in the department library :           40
  • Journals/periodicals subscribed by the department :           03
  • Computers in the department :           Nil
  • Research projects completed during the last three years and their total outlay : Nil
  • Ongoing research projects :           Nil
  • Teachers who have attended national / international seminars during the last two years : 01
  • Teachers who have been resource persons at workshops/ seminars during the last two years : Nil
  1. Details of the last two batches of students:
  Batch-1 Batch-2
Year of entry Year of entry
UG PG Total UG PG Total
Admitted to the programme (entry year) 50 00 50 55 00 55
Drop-outs 10 00 10 10 00 10
Appeared for the final year exam 40 00 40 45 00 45
Passed in the final exam 35 00 35 35 00 35
Passed in first class 10 00 10 15 00 15
University ranks, if any 00 00 00 00 00 00


  1. What is the sanctioned teaching staff strength and the present position?

Sanctioned      :           02

Filled               :           01

  1. How often were national / international seminar workshops, etc. organized at the department? Nil.
  2. Are there any international or national links / collaborations for teaching, research or both? Nil.



  1. (a) List the teaching staff, with their designations, qualifications, field of specialization, years of experience, age and sex (in the descending order of seniority)
Name of the teaching staff Designation Highest qualification Specialization Age Sex
DR. SABITA SHEETAL Asst Prof. M.A., Ph.D.   43 Yrs. F


(b) Experience of the teachers:

Name of the teacher Teaching Research
  UG PG  


  1. How many from the teaching staff have received national / international recognition as fellows, awardees, etc?
  2. What is the percentage of the faculty in active research (guiding research scholars, operating projects, publishing regularly, etc.)?
  3. List the major thrust areas within the subject in which research activities are being pursued.
  4. Give details of ongoing projects funded by external agencies.
Funding agency Amount (Rs.) Duration (Years) Collaboration, if any
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___


  1. What are the basic and advanced facilities (like botanical garden, field laboratories, animal house, computing facility, major equipments, mortuary, post maortuem facilities, experimental surgery and medical facilities, etc.) available and acquired over the years? Nil.
  2. What is the total number of publications (add the list) of the department in the last five years?
  3. Has any of the teaching programmes been dropped because it lost its immediate relevance or because it was not viable? Nil.
  4. What is the average work load in terms of actual contact lecturers per week per lecture? 1:15
  5. What is the average time spent per week by a teacher with students and how much time is spent by a teacher on committees that deal with academic matters? 10 hrs./week



  1. Does the department monitor the overall performance of students through regular assessments? Yes

If yes, give methods and details of assessment.

Class test / Personality test / Co-curricular activities

  1. How do the teachers update themselves for discharging their teaching / research responsibilities? Give details. Central Library, Internet, Departmental Library
  2. What is the annual budget allocation of the college to the department? Nil
  3. How much of research funding has been generated by the teachers from other agencies? Nil
  4. Do the teachers offer consultancy services and earn revenue for the college / department?


If yes, how much has been earned during the last two years? What are the outcomes of the consultancy services provided?

  1. Furnish the following details:
Particulars UG PG Research
Ratio of applications to available seats 3:1    
Success rate (examination result) 3:2    
Progression to higher education rate 3:1    
Employment rate 3:1    
Ratio of part-time teachers to full-time teachers Nil    
Ratio of academic staff to administrative staff 4:0    


  1. Furnish the following data:
  • Ratio of students to teachers :           40:1
  • Number of research papers published :           00
  1. Has the department received any special support for teaching or research? No
  2. Any other information which highlights the unique achievements of the department:
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